• Deemine Medical Goggles-Anti-impact, Anti-scratch, Anti-fog, Anti-spatter


    Professional R & D, production, manufacturing, service

    The largest production base of medical goggles in China

    United Nations appointed supplier

    Deemine goggles dedicates to fight pandemic!

    Epidemic Tracking

    Existing Diagnosis
    Cumulative Diagnosis
    Cumulative Cure
    Cumulative Death

    Deemine Medical Goggles

    High polymer reinforced lens, anti-impact, anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-spatter.
    ?The frame is made of environmentally friendly non-toxic and flexible polymer materials.
    The material is comfortable and fits the face closely, and myopia glasses can be worn at the same time.
    ?Fully enclosed anti-fog design, you can wear myopia or reading glasses at the same time.
    Forced headband for all face shapes.
    Medical equipment product record number: Guangdong Suibei No. 20200123

    • For clinicians only Deemine Medical Goggles DM-1
      Totally enclosed type Ventilation switch Lens anti fog treatment Can be equipped with myopia glasses directly Elastic mirror band
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    • For clinicians only Deemine Medical Goggles DM-2
      Totally enclosed type No air holes, more complete protection Lens double layer anti fog Can be equipped with myopia glasses directly Elastic mirror band
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    • For administrative staff only Deemine Medical Goggles DM-3
      Semi closed type Ventilation Lens anti fog treatment Glasses legs
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    About Deemine

    Guangzhou Deemine Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Duesseldorf deeminemed in China. Founded in September 2009, the company is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and service of surgical clinical surgical instruments and digestive endoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic surgical instruments. Our vision is to become the first choice of surgical instrument supplier for Chinese clinicians in the near future.

    Our Qualifications

    Business license

    Business license

    Type I medical device production record certificate

    Type I medical device...

    Class I medical device record certificate

    Class I medical device...

    Type I medical device record information form

    Type I medical device...

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